<![CDATA[The Drunken Beardsmen - The Drunken Blog]]>Thu, 18 Jan 2018 23:40:22 +1000Weebly<![CDATA[State of The Union - 2016]]>Tue, 26 Jan 2016 07:40:50 GMThttp://thedrunkenbeardsmen.com/3/post/2016/01/state-of-the-union-2016.htmlG'Day!
So some of you may have noticed it's been a while since a new ep has gone up and with everything that has been happening both in our small little world and the word at large, I thought I would jump up on the ol' soapbox and give an update and ruminate on some of the recent(and not so recent) happenings of your favorite Bearded Drunks and this crazy world of ours.

So before we get too far ahead of ourselves, the last month has seen the loss of some incredibly talented folks and I would be remiss not to touch on them, if only briefly.

Lemmy - I gotta admit, Motorhead is not particularly my cup of tea, but Ace of Spades is a great some and by all accounts Lemmy is a legend in his own rite, not to mention the only original band member to make it through every incarnation...so in tribute, here is Ace of Spades.
Bowie - Not so long after the tragic passing of Lemmy, and only 2 days after releasing an album of his own, the freaks, geeks and non-sheep lost their idol, legend and symbol of the strange, David Bowie. This man influenced so many people in so many different ways that even if you didn't like Major Tom, The Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust, the man who fell to earth or even the Goblin King, you just escape the influence Bowie had on our culture. Not only a prolific musician, Bowie was also an accomplished actor. Anyone over a certain age will forever know him as Jarred the Goblin King from Labyrinth, but alot of folks may miss him as Tesla in The Prestige and if you have seen his crack at Pontius Pilate in The Last Temptation of Christ, you are missing out! 
Finally, in the same week and of the same age we lost a master thespian in his own right, everyone's favorite villain, Alan Rickman. From Hans Gruber to the Sherriff of Nottingham to the eternal Goth Severus Snape, we loved to hate him, but the man himself was a beloved icon of both screen and stage. My personal favorite role of his was in Galaxy Quest, playing Alexander Dane, the washed up actor who hates his career, life and every bastard in it. So to say good-bye, below are some of his best moments from that performance.
Last of the big-assed video windows, I promise! I just felt the need to pay homage to 3 great people who will be sorely missed within the entertainment world. But onto us! Like I mentioned, you may have noticed that there has been no new episodes of the podcast for a while and indeed, the website and social media seem to have shriveled in activity like an old man's... anyway, there are a couple reasons for this, but don't give up on us just yet!

Firstly, Mr JD stepped back from TDB and RvsR about half-way through last year, the location change was a reason and a resurgence in interest in art was another factor, incidentally, the talented little shit is on instagram, you should go follow him Here as well as a place to buy his prints Here. The upshot is, this has made this whole operation, for the time being at least, a one man band, and to be honest, it's a lot of work and the Podcast Format was designed with 2 in mind, so for those of you out there who have stuck with me through that transition, I love you and thank you! But it has been hard I try to find my solo feet and figure out how to make the show viable. I suppose it would be easier if I didn't have this pesky little thing called a life, but work and family are something I sorta need, you know? hahaha.

Secondly to this, I recently moved to a new location over the xmas break and have found out that I apparently life in an internet black-hole with nothing changing until at least May! So for the time being, I am gonna have to ninja-upload new episodes at my day job and hope no-one noticed the upswing in bandwidth! Add to this that I am also going to be starting a new Podcast in the coming months and I thing I may have over-extended, but Fuck It! what's the point of living if life was easy eh? So I expect new episodes to start firing away within the next couple weeks!

A new Podcast? Caught that did you? Yes, starting towards the end of Feb is going to be a new RvsR Media Podcast all about Books. You see, I am a prodigious consumer of the written word in all it's forms, from comics, to trashy novels, fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, thrillers, dramas, the classics, the list just goes on and on. I don't really care what I am reading, but a book is never far from my grasp, whether in hardcopy or electronic form. So I thought, why not talk about the shit I read? The majority of resources out there when it comes to the written word are either heavy literary snobs or gushy, retainer wearing nuts who compose their own slash fiction about Jacob and Edward(or whatever YA Series is currently in vogue). Neither of these seem conducive to helping people discover the joy of reading, especially in a world of you-tube and attention spans that are shortening at a rate comparable to Top Fuel Dragster. So keep your eye's and ear's peeled for that as it develops!

Finally, this year I want to start writing more, pontificating in a way that my mind can be better at sometimes(Self-Editing is easier with the BackSpace button) So I will be writing more blog entries this year as well, lets aim for the goal of once a week and go from there shall we? I just find writing to be so cathartic(aaannndddd arrogant, big-word dropping target reached! ahahaha) and I have the Web Space, so why not use it??

Well, that's all from me for now, Update delivered
. See you in the Whisky Barrel!

<![CDATA[2nd Annual SC Beard and Mo comp]]>Tue, 23 Jun 2015 11:43:03 GMThttp://thedrunkenbeardsmen.com/3/post/2015/06/2nd-annual-sc-beard-and-mo-comp.htmlRecently, The Bearded Men of the SC held their 2nd Annual Beard and Mo Comp. Nathen Coles, who started the club and current Prez was kind enough to spare us some time and give us the skinny on the club and the comp. Oh, and if you wanna hear more about the man himself, his Beards In Focus story is right... HERE

How long has the club been in action for?   

The club  is a little over 2yrs old now, I founded it at the start of 2013.

Who came up the idea for the club?

I came up with the idea of the club after watching Whisker Wars on TV, I was in awe of the fun and mateship the American clubs had and decided we could do something like that here in Australia. After sharing my idea with my wife Greta aka Beard Wife_Beard Life we opened the Facebook page Bearded Men Of The SC. It did take a couple of months to gain momentum but as soon as the local paper did a story on it things went ballistic!!

How many members does it contain and is it expanding?

At the moment the page has 1070 odd likes which range from all across Australia and even throughout the world. It's hard to say how many members on the coast, but we average from 10 - 20 people at club meets.

What part of the Sunny Coast you guys based in?

I myself live in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast near a town named Eudlo, we have member all over the coast from Caloundra, Kawana, Mooloolabah, Maroochydore and Noosa.

Do you have many events?

We have three events each year Time Warp Event - we had our first Time Warp event at the start of this year, the Time Warp event wasn't so much much about beard culture but more about the rockabilly scene where we had markets, hot rod show, pinup contest and rockabilly bands. Sunshine Coast Beard & Moustache Competition - last years comp saw over 60 competitors compete in 4 category's with about 200 spectators packing out Taps Mooloolabah.

What happens at a typical Club Meet?

We try to have a club meet once a month, this is usually held at different bars around the coast. Usually a fair bit of drinking is taken place and talking shit. There is no structure it's just a chance to catch up and meet new people.

How often does the club meet?

We try to catch up once a month but thus doesn't always happen due to everyone being busy.

Any Plans the Club has for the future?

No plans at the moment except to continue running the events we already have in place. We wanted to bring these events to the coast for the community to enjoy and didn't seem fair that Brisbane had a choke hold on similar events.


How did the club come to the idea of the comp?

Thus was always an idea from the start to have a competition, it was a way we could all get together, have a night out and some fun.

How much of a turn out do you guys get?

Last year we had 60 competitors and around 200 spectators. It was standing room only.

How many Categories do you judge?

This year we will have 6 category's - Moustache
                                                            Partial beard
                                                            Full Beard Natural - Under 10cm
                                                                                            Over 20cm

Who do you get in to Judge?

We try to get judges from suppliers who help donate goods to the competition and have a liking for beards.

Have any Beard Companies thrown some kit in for the prizes? 

Yes, we are quite lucky to have a great relationship with different beard companies especially The Bearded Chap, Scoop Deluxe and 80 Beards. These three have been our major supported from the start.

If you want to find out more about the Club check 'em out HERE
<![CDATA[Bigger, Better & Beardier - The Wessex Beardsmen 2015 Beard & Moustache Competition round-up.]]>Sun, 03 May 2015 11:24:10 GMThttp://thedrunkenbeardsmen.com/3/post/2015/05/bigger-better-beardier-the-wessex-beardsmen-2015-beard-moustache-competition-round-up.htmlAnother year has passed, and another successful Beard Event has been completed. The Wessex Beard & Moustache Competition was held on the 18th of April just passed and the organisers cannot be more pleased with the event.

With nearly 300 in attendance and over 100 competitors, the competition saw a huge spike in funds raised for this year which went to the mental health charity Mind, doubling the previous year's efforts.

The event was held at The 94 Club on Middle Street in Yeovil and saw people travel as far away as Norway to attend.

I managed to get a hold of Andy Teague, President of The Wessex Beardsmen, and asked him a few questions about the event:

How much and what kind of planning goes into as event such as this?
"Organizing a Beard and Moustache competition requires a lot of planning. A lot of hours go in behind the scenes organizing the big things like the venue, but also the little things like making sure each judge has a pen. Negotiating sponsors, selling tickets, paperwork, it all takes time, but, every second of time put in is worth it when you pull off what some people describe the following day as 'the best facial hair competition (they've) ever been to'."

How do you go about choosing which charity to hold the event for?
"The first competition we did for 'The Make-A-Wish Foundation' because my daughter had been ill and she had a wish granted by them, so they were an obvious choice. Two weeks before the first competition a good friend of mine died, and later on another died (around the same time as the world lost Robin Williams), both after long struggles with depression, so I chose 'Mind' the leading mental health charity in the UK to benefit from our second competition."

What process is undergone to determine who the judges are?
"One of our judges were chosen because when we announced the competition on our Facebook page she left a comment asking to be a judge, the others were chosen because of their connection to the world of competitive facial hair. At bigger competitions you tend to find more 'celebrities' but it's difficult to find famous people who are interested in judging smaller competitions!"

What aspects of the competitors and their beards do the judges look for?
"The competitors were judged on 4 criteria: presentation, personality, how well their beard or Moustache fitted the category description and how good their facial hair was in terms of quality. The judges were also able to select one person from each category as their 'favourite' which gave that person extra points."

What inspired you to incorporate a womens & childrens category in the comp?
"Most competitions do a women's handmade category, it's cool to give the ladies something to get involved in. The children's category isn't such a common one, the first time I saw it was a the British championships in 2012, we have it, because our event is a family one, kids tickets are also free. As a father of four I understand all to well that family days out aren't cheap, so if you're a dad and you bring your kids to our show not only can they get involved, but it won't break the bank bringing them!"

What plans do you have for the future in regards to the beard competition?
"Bigger, better, beardier...... That's all I can tell you at the moment :)"

Do you have any hints or tips for up and coming bearding competitors?
"Yes, get involved and don't worry about winning. Have a few beers, meet new people and have a good time. People rarely take a trophy on their first outing, use your first time to find out what it's all about and enjoy yourself."

In your opinion, what was the highlight of this years event?
"The whole event was brilliant, it's difficult to pin point an overall highlight, but, we had one guy propose to his girlfriend on stage and they left the event as an engaged couple so I guess it's got to be that "

Here is a full list of winners and runners up from the event:
Natural Moustache 
1. Chris Wall 
2. Maxime Jequire 
3. Ryan Pike

Business Class Beard 
1. Jason Daines 
2. Steve Ridgewell 
3. David Hunt

Partial Beard 
1. Michael Wallage 
2. John Dixon 
3. Sam Kelly

Full Beard Natural 
1. Damien Knight 
2. Graham Hyde 
3. John Cuthbert

Child's Handmade
Adam Wakefield

Furthest Travelled
Håkon Åmodt - Trondheim, Norway
Styled Moustache 
1. Mark East 
2. Andy Wakefield 
3. James Dyer

Freestyle Beard or Moustache 
1. Stuart Barrie 
2. Matt Wall 
3. Brendon Johnson

Full Beard Styled Moustache 
1. Guy Farley 
2. Stuart Morse 
3. Jimmy Wood

Women's handmade 
 Donna Wilson

Best in Show
Stuart Barrie

The Eddie Venn Memorial Trophy
Michael Legge
Photography Credit - Bertrand Vessier @ http://www.bertrandvessier.com/
If only one thing is clear ladies and gents, it seems our friends at The Wessex Beardsmen are far from done when it comes to events like this. I'm sure I speak for every beard lover out there when I say we are looking forward with baited breath to what the future holds.

Stay bearded & beautiful people!
~ JD
<![CDATA[Shaver Hut - A Sorta Sponsored Post]]>Tue, 14 Apr 2015 23:38:41 GMThttp://thedrunkenbeardsmen.com/3/post/2015/04/shaver-hut-a-sorta-sponsored-post.htmlI think everyone remembers that moment when they decide to throw away the razor and let the glory of a full beard grow and as a man with a full beard, it can be hard sometimes to remember that there is a wide and varied range or styles out there, from chin straps to goatees, fu manchu, the humble moustache, etc. So it happens that the razor, the creams, the foams and the shaving kit is still necessary for some.

This is where Shaver Hut comes into play.  Based in Melbourne, Australia, Shaver Hut has been a family run business since 2006, and has helped tens of thousands of shoppers save a fortune on safety razors, straight razors, shaver parts, and lots more. They also stock the largest selection of wet shaving tools on eBay and are always growing. 

While they have an eBay Australia store too, they encourage you to shop direct by stating: 

You will receive full priority support when shopping directly from our website. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible! Our feedback is proof of that. We will continue to make Shaver Hut the #1 destination for all things men’s grooming. 

People often ask how we are able to offer such high quality, genuine branded goods at such great prices. The answer is quite simple – very savvy global buying and impressive technology. We've partnered with world leading suppliers in shaving and personal care to provide you with amazing prices on some of the biggest brands in the industry. So why bother wasting your time, money, and energy by going to a retail store?

They bring a good point, with free shipping on orders over $40, same day dispatch and a free return policy, the site is definitely the way to go. Their range includes not only a great selection of wet and dry shaving supplies, including some great kits that cover everything from beginner safety razors to hardcore Straight Razor kits that are truly shave ready from the box. Their Beard Grooming range is increasing all the time and with skincare, hair and even dental products falling within their range on offer, they do indeed make a case for never having to visit your local store ever again. 

Through some clever little partnerships, Shaver Hut has managed to keep the prices relatively low and their School of Shave is a real handy little resource for those wishing to jump from the humble Gillette to the big boy razors of our fathers and those who came before. 

So if you are looking for a new resource, have been thinking of upgrading your kit or a looking for great gift ideas for you clean shaven brethren, why not head over to this great Australian company here: SHAVER HUT ]]>
<![CDATA[Auto-Brewery Syndrome]]>Thu, 02 Apr 2015 01:01:33 GMThttp://thedrunkenbeardsmen.com/3/post/2015/04/auto-brewery-syndrome.htmlPicture
Meet Jimmy... 

Jimmy has a condition called Auto-Brewery Syndrome (and a wicked beard too). What's ABS you ask??
Before we get explaining, I'd like you imagine something...

 Imagine you're driving home (or anywhere for that matter) and get pulled over by the police. You get breatherlized and it comes up with a reading, "but I havn't had any alcohol today officer!".

PictureYeast Cell
This is the type of  situation Jimmy finds himself in all the time because the high levels of  yeast in his  stomach produce intoxicating quantities of alcohol when he eats carbohydrates. The yeast turn these carbs into alcohol through endogenous fermentation. This is what we call Auto-Brewery Syndrome. 

Though the condition is reasonably rare, it was first discovered in Japan in the '70s and it is believed (but not exclusive to) that people develope the condition after using antibiotics for long periods of time.

Treatment comes in the form of antifungal medicine like fluconazole and a strict diet of low sugars and carbohydrates.

So next time you go for a serve of chips at the local take-away, think of those poor souls that can't enjoy the awesomeness that is hot chips and gravy... Or is it a cheap way of having a few without having a few?? I'll let you be the judge.

<![CDATA[What a joke of an article!]]>Fri, 20 Mar 2015 07:16:12 GMThttp://thedrunkenbeardsmen.com/3/post/2015/03/what-a-joke-of-an-article.htmlJust recently Dan and I had read an article that claimed that "your beard may be less of a sign of rugged masculinity and more petri dish you happen to wear on your face".

It goes on to say: "all that scruff, which features thicker, coarser hairs than anywhere else on your body, can trap bacteria in its web, which in turn can make you or others sick (ew)".

Another piece from the article: "A microbiologist in the U.S. Army in the 1960's, conducted a study in which he found that beards could potentially spread disease, and that washing did not do a suitable enough job of ridding the hairs of infectious disease".

These are the key points we are going to concentrate on, and forgive me as I get my "Angry Beard" on as I did on the podcast when we spoke about it... (you can find the full article here)

Now, yes! Our facial hair IS coarser AND thicker and YES! it is exposed to food, saliva and a multiple of stuff like dust as it acts as a natural filter as we breathe. Now the biggest problem I have with this article is it's vagueness.... "which can make you or others sick" and "could potentially spread disease". 

Have you ever opened a door? Touched money? Held a stairway rail? HELD A SAFETY RAIL ON A BUS OR TRAIN??? The point I'm trying to make is that germs are EVERYWHERE! They exist in the air we breathe, on the food we eat, the objects we touch, and yes, the bodily fluids we share whether it be kissing or sexual intercourse. Everyone learnt about STI's (Sexually Transmitted Infections) in Sex Education, yes? So we know the risks, yes? Yet we still do it don't we? You are more likely to obtain a STI than being eaten by a shark in your lifetime!!

I would like to address the second point... It says that washing your beard doesn't do a good enough job of ridding the hair of infectious disease. Now I don't know about you but I'm not the type to carry hand sanitizer in my pocket and use it after I touch EVERYTHING! I just don't believe it's necessary. Human evolution and resistance to disease comes with exposure to it. Your body will not develop antibodies for the infection without being exposed to it first e.g. vaccination. We live in an age now where diseases and infections are becoming stronger and more resistant due to overexposure to antibiotics, medicines and anti-bacterials alike. There are plenty of people out there that, when they develop the SLIGHTEST cough or sniffle, run to the doctor to get some kind of medical treatment and of course, a scary number of Doctors just throw a course of antibiotics at you, which in turn fuels the mutation of the infection and helps it become stronger and more resistant as  previously stated. I do apologize for the massive rant, but some people need to realize that infectious diseases are everywhere and some of them are getting to the point of endemic again, syphilis and tuberculosis are great examples of Diseases that have mutated and are becoming widespread threats again. Now, the point I'm ultimately trying to make here is that it doesn't matter where you are or who you are, you can POTENTIALLY find infectious bacteria in, on and around the body. NOT JUST YOUR BEARD!

Now with all that being said, for someone to do a study on a specific part of the body and further more, the part that is as popular in society than it has ever been, makes me think that not only are these people wasting time on stupid shit like this, but they've obviously got something against beards. That article to me is just media propaganda B/S to start the fall in popularity of the beard in society and ultimately mark the 'achievement' of peak beard. I can only reference it to to the star signs you get in the paper. Vague, unspecific and written in a way that “connects” to everybody. Only a narrow minded hypochondriac would take this article seriously.

*takes breath*

Ok, rant over. But in all seriousness, I think this article is an utter joke. Like I said before... One sided media propaganda to “urge” you to start shaving, especially with the sly, subliminal remark at the end of their article “So, hey, we're not saying you've gotta shave it all off, or that you will definitely get sick if you're rocking some big Paul Bunyan situation, but the next time you're looking for someone to blame for that nasty cold, you may want to look in the mirror”.

~ JD]]>
<![CDATA[The Humble Beer Can is coming back Baby!]]>Thu, 12 Feb 2015 16:16:48 GMThttp://thedrunkenbeardsmen.com/3/post/2015/02/the-humble-beer-can-is-coming-back-baby.htmlPicture
It is the Age old Argument..Beer in Bottles or Cans? Cans have been shat on traditionally, with some folks saying that it gives it an off, flat taste and the mental image of dozens of cans the morning after a big night is enough to make just about anyone shudder. It is generally agreed that Cans are the 'low-brow' mode of transport for alcohol, not the refined way to consume an ale or lager on a hot summers day.

But there is apparently a rising trend among the Craft Brewers to package and distribute their fine wares in the metal little godsends, causing confusion among hipsters and aficionados alike. The Reason that more and more brewers are turning to cans is because the humble Tinnie is in fact the superior container for keeping Beer in! 

Lets see you do THIS with bottles!
   Time for some Practical Science Kiddies! There are 3 factors that cause the slow death of Beer. Light, Heat and Oxygen. Now; filled, sealed and stored correctly, Cans and Glass Bottles should be able to shield both Heat and Oxygen fairly well equally, but Light my young Padawan, Light is the eventual fucker of us all. 

   Now, I hear you all saying out there "Wait! My bottle is Brown, dark brown, close to black even!" That may be true, but even in those darkest of dark brown bottles, light is still allowed in. This in turn reacts with the Hop compounds and that in turn, slowly converts your beer into a horrid, infected smelling sludge of doom! Now, of course, if you were to BURY your Bottles one at a time, and dig them up at time of drinking, you would eliminate this problem, otherwise, just accept the Superiority of the humble can!

   Another thing to consider in this great debate is the environmental advantages to cans. For one thing, cans are much cheaper and easier to recycle than bottles, and seeing that one can transport more cans cheaper, more economically than bottles can cause some noticeable cuts in carbon emissions.

   One more thing, remember how I said that some people whinge that cans have a flat, metallic taste? All cans have a BPA Liner on the inside of the can to eliminate any potential taste contamination, and your average can of beer, or soda for that matter is in fact, about 4 layers of different materials. Studies have shown that their is no significant leakage of Aluminium OR BPA that end's up in your beer and trust me, you would notice, seeing as how Aluminium is toxic an all. To close out, here are some pictures of the great things you can do with those empties!
<![CDATA[SCIENCE!! Why Men Look Hotter With A Beard.]]>Mon, 09 Feb 2015 10:31:14 GMThttp://thedrunkenbeardsmen.com/3/post/2015/02/science-why-men-look-hotter-with-a-beard.htmlPicture
It is widely suggested that men who sport facial hair, from heavy stubble to full fledged god-like beard, are a lot more attractive than those who shave or have lighter stubble e.g. 5  o'clock shadow.

A scientific study conducted by the Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society indicates that most people (yes... PEOPLE, not just women) are more attracted to a man with a lush beard. Not only that, but the specific type of beard has a major impact on a potential mates decision as well. 

The study consisted of four of the main qualities we look for in a potential partner:

Most Attractive - Female participants in studies that have analyzed male facial hair have rated heavy stubble as the most attractive look. Men equally enjoyed the appearance of heavy stubble or a full beard.
Healthiest - Men and women indicated that men who have a full beard appear to be healthier than those without any type of facial hair.
Best Parenting Skills - This was another category that both genders ascribed to men who maintain a full beard.
Masculinity - The perception of a man's masculinity increases with the amount of facial hair that he has. So if you want to be seen as a highly masculine individual, you should consider cultivating a full beard.

Men who are clean-shaven or who have a light amount of stubble were rated as being the least attractive by women and men.

A common image used as a meme in social media to "prove" that men are hotter with facial hair.
So there you have it ladies and gents. Science, once again bringing you proof that beards are undoubtedly, a woman's best friend!

You can check out the full article by HuffingtonPost.com HERE!
<![CDATA[Battle For Honour: Gates - A Book Review]]>Sat, 13 Dec 2014 04:44:38 GMThttp://thedrunkenbeardsmen.com/3/post/2014/12/battle-for-honour-gates-a-book-review.htmlPicture
So, in the off season of the Podcast, and in preparation for RvsR Media's New Podcast next year - The Novel Nerd, I thought I would finally catch up on some reading and share some thoughts about this cracking good read by father & son team RJ Brousseau.

Battle For Honor: Gates is the first novel  by writing partners and is a Sword and Sorcery story that turns some of the old standard Fantasy tropes on it's ear!

Set on the world of Agora, three thousand years after 'The Third Great War', A Paladin named Marcus has been resurrected with no memories in a world that is on the bring of a campaign that threatens to destroy the world.

With a hook like that to whet your lips on, this story take you on one of the most intriguing stories to come out in years.

Battle for Honor reads like it could very well be set in a future Faerûn - the main setting for The Forgotten Realms, which is probably the most popular Dungeons and Dragons set. It also happens to be the home of R.A Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urden, Ed Greenwood's Elminster the mage as well as the setting for the Icewind Dale & Baldur's Gate PC game series (Have you figured out that I am a fan yet?).

I really dug the lore and world building that Rick & Ryan put into this book. You can tell that they are massive fans of Fantasy, and manage to pay huge amounts of respect to what has come before while making it their own. I absolutely love that the main evils in this story are Elves, a race that is typically depicted as a good and fair race that is practically extinct is on the world of Agora the most populous race that has been bent and twisted to a vain, elitist and evil Race. It was also good to see that the not-so-lovable Orcs are portrayed as a civilized(if still dim) race that has carved out their own kingdom and operate on honor. 

The other part of the lore that the boys have scored an Ace on is how they have tackled Cosmology in the world of Agora. There are many gods, which is what you would expect, but what is fresh(at least in fantasy) is the explanation that they give for what the gods actually are, not to mention the mysterious Guardians of the Balance.  

Rick & Ryan Brousseau know what their doing!
All in all, this book is Fantastic, one thing that the boys do so well is juggle the different storylines. While the main story revolves around Marcus and his quest that is revealed to him piecemeal, but along the way we are also following the Elven King Kenric in his mad pursuit of domination, Thorel - a Dwarf Paladin & Adventurer with royal blood who is tasked by Marcus to prepare his nation for invasion in the face of impossible odds and a mad King. We also get glimpses of the various races and factions as they try to steer the murky waters of the Elven Build-up of Arms. They also write amazing action scenes. Now action scene's, especially vast epic battles can be hard to make interesting, easy flowing experiences, and dang do they nail it!

If you are a fan of Fantasy, Like a good lite read or wanna support some indie authors, you can't go wrong with Battle For Honor by RJ Brousseau.

Find It Here: Amazon
<![CDATA[We,  The   People   Have   Spoken...Time   for   A   Whisky   Emoji!!]]>Thu, 27 Nov 2014 06:25:37 GMThttp://thedrunkenbeardsmen.com/3/post/2014/11/we-the-people-have-spokentime-for-a-whisky-emoji.htmlPicture
Did you know that there are over 700 Emojis? Did you know that of this staggering number, there are 13 moon Emojis? Emojis for Santa, Volcanoes, Coffee, Dog Shit? With Sad Faces, Happy Faces, Love Faces, Sick Faces, Drunk Faces, Beer Mugs, Cocktail Glasses you need to ask yourself a simple bloody question...Where is a Whisky Emoji?!?!

This is the Question that Ballantines have decided to tackle! Over the last few months, Ballantines have pushed massively on social media to not only drum up interest, but also to gather as much steam to FINALLY get the Amber Liquid of the Booze Gods a little Picture message of it's own.

How do YOU drink your Whisky?
So, in the last few months, over 70,00 people have thrown their support behind this worthy, boozey cause, from the average drinker, the ardent whisky drinker, critics and even your favorite Drunken Beardsmen! The final Culmination of this work and effort is a Submission film to Unicode - The Eternal Guardians of Emojis! Check it out below and throw your support behind the campaign to fix this miscarriage of picture icons!